Sunday, February 28, 2010

Armon Adibi

This young, huge bodybuilder was blessed with VERY vascular muscle.  His veins show on every one of his muscles making him look very unique and amazing.  His biceps being the highlight of his body.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chris Jalali

Chris Jalali, a great bodybuilder that is featured on tons of magazine covers.  Known for the how equal all of his muscles are.  He does quite well!

Sagi Kalev

Sagi Kalev, possibly one of the most beautiful bodybuilders.  Known for his giant pecs and good looks.  He is featured on many magazine covers and is seen on some product labels.  But putting all his fame beside.  He has a very built body.  He has 22 inch biceps and nice size tricep to match it.

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Evan Centopani

This "Italian Hulk" is truly a "Hulk".  His massive, 23 inch biceps nearly scare you when he flexes them, also his calfs are the biggest in the buisness.  He also has a great personality and oh?  Did I forget to mention his triceps?  Well, they are also massive as well as his pecs and abs and super wide back.  This guy is just a pure animal.

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Josh Bergeron

Josh Bergeron possibly has one of the biggest peaks on his biceps in the buisness.  He says that shape came natural to his bicep because he has short arms and his bicep didn't have anywhere to go but up.  His biceps are not the only great muscle on this man's very built body.  He also has nicely formed pecs and quads.  You better watch out bodybuilders!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lorenzo Becker - TOP Teen Bodybuilder

Lorenzo Becker, the biggest and best Teen bodybuilder out there.  There is a lot of controversy about if he is taking steroids or not.  I believe he is just loading up lots and lots of proteins and trains all the time.  He says thats all he does, works out constantly.  He is the biggest teen bodybuilder with massive muscles everywhere!  Some people love him and then some hate him, I love him myself he is awsome!

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